Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeding Frenzy

Introducing Isla to solid foods has been an adventure! First, she seemed to like it all. Then she banned peas. And green beans. So I hid those green veggies in her carrots. She stopped eating carrots. I tried pureeing chicken to add to her veggies for protein and she clamped her jaw shut so tight a crowbar couldn’t open it. (At this point, I tried the chicken and I don’t blame her, yuck) As for fruit, she likes it all- prunes, peaches, pears, mango, banana…she likes apples but they don’t like her. Yogurt is also a fav.
The one thing she would always eat is Gerber Puffs. In fact, I thought she was turning into a puffs addict, so I have made them the dessert course. She enjoys them so much she actually pointed and demanded puffs by pounding her fist on the chair! After trying the puffs, I don’t blame her. The peach are positively delicious.
Now we are onto finger foods. She has been cleared to try anything we are eating except nuts and shellfish. Interestingly enough her current fav is peas. She refused to eat them from the jar, but she’ll eat them whole. She actually cried when I started cleaning up her tray when I thought she was done!
Isla loved pizza. Her first slice was cheese, light sauce, from the Cabin. We started out with strips cut from the pie, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give her a whole slice and have a photo shoot. The other night we had cheese tortellini with pesto. I left a couple of the tortellini plain and cut it into bite size pieces and she wasn’t interested. Then I gave her a whole one tossed in the yummy pesto and she loved it! After she was in bed I remembered pesto had pine nuts and those are a no-no. I checked on her more times than usual and she survived. Last night we had peas, soft bits of carrot, sweet potato fries and cheese quesadilla. I wish I knew what was for dinner tonight…

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