Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things for Baby

Sunday was the big Memorial Day picnic at Stan and Marci's house. Unfortunately I was working, but Isla was getting to go to the party with her G-Ma. Before I put the cute patriotic outfit on her I decided to sunscreen her from head to toe. Grabbing the Coppertone Water Babies, I started slathering it on. Within a minute she was as slippery as an eel and any rogue dog hair in the bathroom was attached to her skin. As careful as I was, I accidentally got some sunscreen near her eye, or so I thought. In actuality it had gotten into her eye. She started rubbing it like crazy! This took me off guard. Who on earth would create a sunscreen for a baby that stings eyes? Obviously someone who has not had to coat the wriggling child with it. So I read the directions. "Flush affected eye with water." What? Isla does not mind getting her hair washed, but it took me several minutes to figure out how to hold an active baby (actually, being one, she is considered a toddler, but..) with one hand while you pour water over the "affected" eye. Hm...again, whoever has created these directions has not had to actually do it.
It's like the adorable outfit someone gave me. The knit weave was as soft as a baby's butt and striped in pastels. I couldn't wait to see her in it! I unbuttoned the back and then went to unsnap the legs. Oh look! They made the snaps look like buttons! Wait...these ARE buttons. Twelve of them. What person actually thought of having twelve little buttons to fit into twelve little holes every time you need to change the diaper? Well, I'm sorry. It's not happening. That little outfit is going back to the store. Again, whoever designed this outfit has never dressed a baby. I'll be looking for friendly products like baby legs and diapers that look like little Levis that make your baby warm and comfortable while not requiring pants.